It's still less if we only visit bromo and Ijen crater, because there are more interesting places that must be visited.
That place is Sukamade beach. 
Yes, this place is a paradise for female turtles to lay their eggs. Here visitors can see directly the process of 
finding turtles at night, the process of spawning, hatchery of baby turtle (known as "tukik") until the baby turtle is 
ready to be released into the ocean

Sukamade Turtle Beach is located in Betiri Meru National Park, in the same route to Rajekwesi Beach and Green
Gulf Beach. To arrive there, we have to arrive first at Jajag Sub Village, the gateway to Sukamade.
From Jajag, we need about 2-3 hours to reach Sukamade by passing rubber plantations, coconut, coffee and 
chocolate, we should drive 4wd jeep due to the rocky road and across the rivers, really An Exciting Adventure

Then, how do we organize tour in Sukamade? We start the tour at 8pm until midnight. On that time, the green 
turtle has begun to reach the shore, and look for a sandy spot to lay their eggs. And after laying their eggs, usually
green turtles back to the ocean

Night Tour Sukamade must be accompanied by a local ranger, because they know everything about the current 
condition, finding the best spot and safe area to see the green turtle. 
Moreover, we seek it in dark conditions, no light on when we find the green turtle, because the green turtle doesn't
like the light

duration  = 4 Days / 3 Nights
tour period = 01 November '17 - 01 March '18

itinerary :
day 1 = Surabaya – Bromo
 - pick up Surabaya Airport by our private car
 - driving in 4 hours to reach Bromo area
 - check in Bromo Permai or Adas Villa or Sukapura Permai or similar hotel / homestay
   ==> standart room with breakfast, cool & hot shower
 - free program
day 2 = Bromo – Ijen Crater
 - wake up in early morning at 3am
 - at 3.30am, the jeep 4wd will pick you up hotel (joining jeep)
 - then bring you to do Bromo Tour, through the sea of sand, we will visit :
   1. Penanjakan Peak
       ==> this place is very popular as the highest point to catch sunrise
   2. Bromo Crater
       - after Penanjakan Peak, we drive down through the sea of sand again and heading Bromo Crater
       - reach the jeep parking area
       - you may walk or ride the pony horse to reach the bottom of Mt Bromo
 - then walking through the upstairs to reach the rim of Bromo Crater
 - enjoy the Bromo Crater then back to jeep parking area
 - then the jeep 4wd will leave Bromo sea of sand and bring you back hotel
 - breakfast time and check out hotel at 11am
 - then driving in 5-6 hours to reach Ijen area
 - lunch in the local restaurant along the route to the hotel
 - reach Ijen area around at 4pm
 - check in Arabica or Catimor or Ijen Bondowoso Homestay
   ==> standart room with breakfast, cool & hot shower
 - free program
day 3 = Kawah Ijen (Blue Fire Program) – Jajag Sub Village - Sukamade Turtle Beach Tour
 - wake up at 1am
 - check out homestay at 1.30am and we go to Paltuding area, trip in 45 minutes from the homestay
   ==> breakfast in box
 - at 2am, we reach Paltuding, this is the permit post before hiking to Ijen
 - reach the Ijen Peak
 - enjoy the BLUE FLAME SULPHUR IJEN from the peak
   Blue Flame Sulphur is the phenomena from the sulphur mining, because
   ijen is the largest area for sulphur mining and a lot of people worked
   as the sulphur miners
   Blue Flame Sulphur is the sulphur with high temperature so, it's look
   like burn the sulphur in the dark
   You will see greenish blue light from the sulphur
   It can be reached (Blue Flame) when no moon light and no rainy,
   hopefully the weather supports us too
 - if the possible condition and safe (no warning from Volcanic Board), you
   may walk down until the rim of the Ijen Lake
 - then joining with the sulphur miners to see how they work, then the Ijen
   Sunrise, The Morning Lake View & then walk back to the Ijen Peak at 7am
 - walking back to Paltuding
 - reach Paltuding around at 9am then driving Jajag Sub Village around in 3 hours
 - we arrive Jajag Sub Village at 12pm then changed by a Jeep 4Wd to drive Sukamade in 3 hours
 - across the rivers, rainforest and the stony road, we arrive Sukamade at 3pm
 - check in guesthouse Sukamade at Wisma Pantai or Wisma Kebun (owned by local government) 
   ==> standart room with breakfast, cool bathroom but no hot shower
 - around at 8pm, we start to do Night Safari Tour, waiting and explore the green turtle 
   to lay down on the beach sand, then laying eggs there 
 - all the program will be guided by local ranger until 24.00
 - then we back guesthouse, taking your rest
day 4 = Sukamade Turtle Beach - Surabaya or Ketapang Port
 - after breakfast around at 8am, we release the baby turtle from the hatcherry
 - put them out and we are ready to take out them free to the ocean
 - all process also is guided by local ranger
 - afterward we check out guesthouse and drive back Jajag Village
 - on the way back, we visit the Green Bay or Red Island Beach, nice beach around Sukamade
 - after driving 2 hours, around at 1pm, we reach Jajag
 - changed by our first car
 - driving Surabaya area around 8 - 9 hours or to Ketapang Port in about 3 hours
 - arrive back Surabaya around at 10pm or reach Ketapang Port in about 4pm
- our tour is finished here Facility : - private transport accomodation for 4d/3n Bromo, Ijen & Sukamade Tour (incl : car, driver, petrol, parking and toll fees) - jeep 4wd for Bromo Tour (joining jeep) - jeep 4wd for Sukamade Tour (private jeep) - 1 nite hotel Bromo at Bromo Permai or Adas Villa or Sukapura Permai or similar hotel / homestay ==> standart room with breakfast, cool & hot shower - 1 nite homestay Ijen area at Arabica or Catimor or Ijen Bondowoso Homestay ==> standart room with breakfast, cool & hot shower - 1 nite guesthouse Sukamade at Wisma Pantai or Wisma Kebun ==> standart room with breakfast, cool bathroom but no hot shower - tour guide
- local ranger for Sukamade Tour - english speaking driver - mineral drinking water - 3xbreakfast Not including the tour : - lunch and dinner - riding pony horse to Bromo Crater - travel insurance - personal expenses - entrance fee Bromo, Ijen & Sukamade
What to bring : warm jacket, head cover, good mask, good grip shoes, sock, glove, sunblock, any medicine, torch light, raincoat (just in case)
Room Composition :
2 pax = 1 standart tour
3 pax = 1 standart tour + 1 extra bed
4 pax = 2 standart rooms
5 pax = 2 standart rooms + 1 extra bed
6 pax = 3 standart rooms
7 pax = 3 standart rooms + 1 extra bed
8 pax = 4 stamdart rooms
9 pax = 4 standart rooms + 1 extra bed
10 pax = 5 standart rooms

Cost : 2 pax = Rp 3,900,000/pax 3 pax = Rp 3,300,000/pax 4 pax = Rp 2,900,000/pax 5 pax = Rp 2,800,000/pax 6 pax = Rp 2,700,000/pax 7 pax = Rp 2,600,000/pax 8 pax = Rp 2,500,000/pax 9 pax = Rp 2,400,000/pax 10 pax = Rp 2,200,000/pax Notes : - price valid since for the period = 01 November'17 - 01 March '18
- price is negotiable for 4 joiners or more 
- we can accept payment with various currency (USD, RM, SGD, AUD, EUR, RMB etc) 
- flexible for the itinerary and program 
- minimum is 2 pax and if it's more than 10 joiners, please contact us