tourist after bromo sunrise
It seems we are too late to tell the real news about Mount Bromo, even though the information on the closure of Bromo was in effect on January 23 - February 24, 2020Is Bromo really closed for 1 month? Of course not. What is meant by closed is that all vehicles (car, jeep and motorbike) are not allowed to enter the Bromo sea of sand. So it can be concluded, Bromo closed only applies for Continue Reading >
bromo ijen tour
Mount Ijen, Indonesia (CNN)It has been more than 64 years since Mount Ijen last erupted, but the volcano is still very much alive, and it is being mined by some of the toughest men in the world. They begin work shortly after midnight with a long hike up the volcano.It's exceptionally dark because the air is thick with volcanic fumes which start to burn our sinuses with an acrid, sour smell halfway up the steep trail.Thick Continue Reading >
Kawah Ijen Volcano, on the island of Java, Indonesia has two of the most unusual occurrences on Earth. The first is an active solfatara that emits hot, flammable sulfurous gases. These ignite as they enter Earth's oxygen-rich atmosphere and burn with an electric blue flame. Some of the gas condenses in the atmosphere to produce flows of molten sulfur that also burn with an electric blue flame. The flames are difficult to see during the Continue Reading >