CAR FREE MONTH : Bromo Closed? Of Course Not

It seems we are too late to tell the real news about Mount Bromo, even though the information on the closure of Bromo was in effect on January 23 – February 24, 2020

Is Bromo really closed for 1 month? Of course not. What is meant by closed is that all vehicles (car, jeep and motorbike) are not allowed to enter the Bromo sea of sand. So it can be concluded, Bromo closed only applies for vehicles. We call this Car Free Month, and that applies to all entrances to the Bromo sea of sand. From Probolinggo way, the vehicles must stop until the post ticket Cemoro Lawang Village, from the Malang way, the vehicles must stop at the T junction of the post ticket Jemplang Village, and from  Pasuruan way, the vehicle must stop at the post ticket of Dingklik, Penanjakan, Tosari Village

According to the valid information, there are 2 reasons for the implementation of the Car Free Month 2020 in Bromo :
1. Respect to the tradition of the Tengger Tribe
January 23 to February 23 coincides with the “Kepitu Month”, which is a month that the Elders and the Tengger Tribe believe is a sanctified month, which also applies to the Tengger Caldera region which is a sacred place of the Tengger Tribe
2. Ecosystem recovery in the Bromo sea of sand area
Car Free Month is expected so that nature can rest a bit and be free from the hustle and bustle, motor vehicle pollution and ecosystem damage that might occur in the Tengger Caldera

Because our homebase is located in Probolinggo, visitors from Probolinggo are required to stop at the Cemor Lawang Village ticket post, they must walk to the Bromo crater via sea of sand. Or you can also hire horse services. The horse rental cost from Cemoro Lawang to the foot of the Bromo Crater and then returning to its original place has been set at Rp. 250,000 / horse for 1 person

So, how do we organize the Bromo sunrise program? Our company has 4 methods as follows:
1) Sunrise from Seruni Point
We can rent a 4WD jeep from Cemoro Lawang to go to the Seruni Point parking area, then walk through the stairs to reach the top of Seruni. The total time needed is about 1 hour from Cemoro Lawang to Puncak Seruni, assuming there is no traffic jam at Cemoro Lawang
2) Sunrise from Kingkong Hill or Penanjakan
For this method, we must first rent the jeep to the Seruni parking area, then walk to the Puncak Seruni, then we rent a guide for trekking services for 1,5 hours to arrive Kingkong Hill. If we want to go to Penanjakan, we need to trek for around 1km or 30 minutes
3) Sunrise from the Metigen Hill
After passing through the Cemoro Lawang ticket post, we turn left heading towards Lava View Lodge and then park our vehicle in the Metigen parking area (behind Lava View Lodge). We are trekking about 15-25 minutes to reach Sunrise View Point Metigen
4) Sunrise from Bromo Crater
After stopping at the Cemoro Lawang Village ticket post, we walk towards the Bromo Crater through the Bromo sea of sand until the foot of the Mt Bromo, go up the stairs to the edge of Bromo Crater. We can take sunrise view from this place and also after sunrise, we can immediately watch Bromo Crater, then return to Cemoro Lawang. If you think that the distance is so faraway from Cemoro Lawang to the foot of Mount Bromo, we can hire a horse services while this journey

On February 24 morning, we return to the normal condition which its meant that we can take the Jeep 4WD services for the Bromo Tour
Happy traveling in Bromo ……

(published by : Bromo AdventureLand Office, January’31, 2020, at 14.45)