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Introduce us


We are Bromo AdventureLand, a tour and travel company located in Malang – East Java, Indonesia.
In 2010, we established Bromo AdventureLand Tour & Travel, so we engaged in a tour & travel service

since 6 years ago.

Also, we would like to inform you that our company is legal and local tourism department gave us

a permit to operate this company. Local government published us a tourism license, called by SIUP


Furthermore, our travel company give you the best service for Yogyakarta and East Java tourism

For Yogyakarta, plenty of interesting objects sights there, both in the city of Yogyakarta itself or in

the surrounding area. Yogyakarta is more likely to have an ancient relics objects from the era

of Dutch Colonialism and Yogyakarta royal kingdom era, museums and cultural


More natural, we can find in the some area around Yogyakarta.

Borobudur is one of the heritage and the wonders world, become the main destination from many

tourist visiting Yogyakarta. More than that, Prambanan, Dieng valley, Locomotive museum,

coastal beaches and caves in Gunung Kidul and Bantul,  well as other attractions such as the

pine forest, jeep tours in Mt Merapi, rafting etc


In East Java, we make Bromo and Ijen as a major tourist destination, being a travel icons, and

many tourists both foreign or local who set Bromo and Ijen as their primary goal.

Although, actually there are many other attractions places, such as Madakaripura Waterfall, Batu

Village Tour, Sukamade Turtle Beach, Red Island Beach, Baluran National Park (many are called

as Africa Van Java), Semeru Trekking, bull racing in Madura, Pekalen rafting, paragliding, etc.


So, if you have plan to do the tour in Indonesia, specially to Yogyakarta and East Java, with the

pleasure we try our best to serve your tour service request.
The travellers, please go to our website and learn as you want, and if there are some questions,

we open 24 hours to answer your questions